The Triple Aim - What Is Your Healthcare Organization Doing to Prepare?


In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, health organizations are striving for the “Triple Aim”:

  • Improve patient experience
  • Improve public health
  • Reduce health care cost-per-capita

In support of the effort toward the Triple Aim, The American Hospital Association provides the following

Principles for Creating a Care Delivery System:

  1. Design the care delivery system with the whole person at the center. System design must start with the whole person, putting each patient’s needs and ease of access to care before the needs and convenience of the system and its clinicians.

  2. Empower people and the care delivery system itself with information, technology and transparency to promote health. Use technology and information to activate patients in their own care and to promote life-long health. For transformational health care delivery, patients who are highly “activated” will have better health outcomes.

  3. Build care management and coordination systems. Develop effective care teams that provide quality care to patients through teamwork and delineated roles.

  4. Integrate behavioral health and social determinants of health with physical health. The design of the health care system must include resources and services to provide support for behavioral health care, particularly diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

  5. Develop collaborative leadership. A new care delivery system should include collaborative leadership structures with clinicians and administrators, and also focus on leadership diversity.

  6. Integrate care delivery into the community. Participation with other organizations that offer vital community services and resources is essential if optimal health outcomesare to be achieved.

  7. Create safe and highly reliable health care organizations. By creating a culture
    of high reliability, hospitals improve quality and patient safety.


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